Oadby Grange Ward Candidates

We’re pleased to introduce your Liberal Democrat candidates for the Borough Council elections on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

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Naveed Alam, Haf Katib and Santokh Athwal

Naveed Alam

Born and raised in Leicester, I have lived in Oadby for over 20 years. I have been an active member of the Oadby Residents’ Forum, Multicultural Group and Tree Warden Scheme.

If elected, I would seek to represent local concerns about the impact on transport, schools and local health care capacity of new housing. I will continue the careful budgeting on the Borough Council which has kept weekly bin collections and will bring new black wheelie bins this summer.

Haf Katib

I am a manager in the IT Industry and help to run a successful local football club. I am an active member of the Multicultural Group and Chair the Leicestershire Sports Alliance.

If elected, I will listen to the views local residents in Grange ward and give you a voice on the Council.

I will support residents’ wishes to continue free parking in Oadby Town centre. I believe that keeping free shoppers’ parking is essential to our local shops and community

Santokh Athwal

I have run a local Oadby business and live in the Borough. I believe that it is important that local councillors are responsible and have good attendance to represent Grange Ward residents at council meetings.

If elected, I will help carefully manage funding to provide a responsive, listening council that delivers the services that residents ask us for, such as free shoppers’ parking, weekly bin collections and black wheelie bins.