Wigston Fields Ward Candidates

Cllr. Kevin Loydall, Cllr. Helen Loydall and Cllr. Bill Boulter

We’re pleased to introduce your Liberal Democrat candidates for the Borough Council elections on Thusday 2nd May 2019.

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Team of 3 Putting You First

Councillors Bill Boulter, Helen Loydall & Kevin Loydall are the team of 3 who, for the past 30 years have worked tirelessly on your behalf. All 3 councillors are out and about in the Borough listening to your views, answering your questions and acting on your behalf. Bill, Helen and Kevin believe that the role as a councillor needs dedication and hard work ALL YEAR ROUND and not just before an Election, unfortunately the other parties are fair weather parties, only seen at Election times.

On May 2nd you will have 3 votes in the Oadby and Wigston LOCAL Elections. You will have the opportunity to vote 3 times for the Local Councillors who you believe work hard to represent your views in Oadby and Wigston. These 3 votes will not change the Government but are important to you locally as they will decide your local services here in Oadby and Wigston. The Liberal Democrat controlled Oadby and Wigston are the only local authority with free shopper’s car parking and weekly refuse and recycling. Would the Conservatives and Labour continue to support this if they took control, the evidence from County, City and Conservative Districts suggest not.

Without your local Liberal Democrat Councillors fighting your corner in the Borough of Oadby and Wigston, this Council would either be swallowed up by the Conservatives and controlled from County Hall or absorbed into Labour City Council. Either way the residents of Oadby and Wigston would lose their voice and have no choice.

Oadby and Wigston Moving Forward

Oadby and Wigston is a thriving, diverse and developing Borough where many people aspire to live and residents are proud to call their home. In September 2017 the Government Wellbeing survey voted Oadby and Wigston as the 5th happiest place to live in the UK.

The Liberal Democrat controlled Council has worked hard over the past few years to foster local community cohesion, develop the local economy and deliver local services for the residents to the highest possible standards, whilst facing enormous financial pressures from both Central Government and Conservative controlled County Hall.

Your local ward councillors Bill Boulter, Helen Loydall & Kevin Loydall firmly believe that Oadby and Wigston is a great and safe place to live, work and visit. Under the control of the Liberal Democrats the Borough has maintained a sound financial footing and a balanced budget year on year.

No other political party, be it Conservative, Labour or Independent has put forward an alternative budget or plans to develop the Borough and are often absent from committee meetings where discussions take place.

Oadby and Wigston is the only district in Leicestershire to retain front line services of free shopper’s car parking, and weekly refuse and recycling. All other Conservative controlled districts have started charging for car parking and moved to fortnightly refuse collections.