Broken Promise by Conservatives forces council to look at car park charges

Residents and Businesses urged to write to Minister and sign petition for “missing millions.”

Costs due to Covid-19, combined with years of cuts by central government, means that we’re faced with a choice between widening car park charges and cutting other services or the council being effectively declared bankrupt.

This could all be avoided if the Conservatives had kept their promise to do “whatever is necessary” to help councils meet their Covid costs.

In fact the government are keeping nearly a third of the money owed, which would allow Oadby and Wigston to keep short stay parking free.

Conservative Councillors have backed the charging plans at recent council meetings and have actively suggested car park charges over the years.

Most councils are in similar position to Oadby and Wigston. We’ve seen a fall of over £2 million* in the budget here over the last 12 years and simply can’t fill this funding gap from reserves. The last year has been a once-in-a-lifetime event and only the government has the financial resources to help councils keep local services up to scratch.

The Conservatives wasted £37 billion on a track and trace system that doesn’t work and more on dodgy contracts for PPE that often failed to deliver. And yet they can’t find £1500,000 owed to Oadby and Wigston that would keep our short-stay car parking free.

Please sign the petition calling on the Conservative MP here and his Government to find the “missing millions” so Oadby and Wigston can keep short-stay parking free and safeguard key services.

*revenue budget changes between 2010 and 2022 sourced from Oadby & Wigston Borough Council

Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0

Council Tax in Oadby & Wigston is less than in many parts of the county

An analysis of the latest council tax rates has shown that Oadby & Wigston’s portion of council tax is cheaper than many parts of the county.
Parks like Willow Park are looked after by the Borough Council here. In other areas Parish or Town Councils are responsible and their Council Tax portions shuold be added up to compare like with like.

Oadby and Wigston’s portion is lower than the District and Parish portions for Lutterworth, Fleckney, Great Glen, Scraptoft and Thurnby in the nearby Conservative-run Harborough District.

The Council Tax figures put out by the Conservatives here before the last election* did not include parish and town council charges so did not compare apples with apples.

Oadby and Wigston looks after parks, cemeteries and so on but in many parts of other district councils, there are parish and town councils too, who charge their own bit of Council Tax to look after these services.

Oddly enough, the Conservatives left this out of their comparison. Harborough District’s band D charges, including the parish element, are as high as £284.87. Great Glen, Fleckney, Lutterworth, Thurnby and Scraptoft all have higher Band D charges than Oadby and Wigston’s £234.50.#

Full details of Harborough’s charrges can be found here:…/draft_resolution…

Unfortunately Covid meant that we were not able to answer this as our leaflets had to printed early to be delivered by commercial distributers as we were protecting many of our volunteer deliverers who were shielding.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped in the County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections last Thursday.

The pandemic made these challenging elections for all involved. Full results will be updated the site in due course.