A Real Change for Leicestershire on May 6th

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for less waste, better highways, action on climate change and boosting Leicestershire’s recovery from Covid.

Recovering from the Pandemic

Ensuring Leicestershire’s economy bounces back from the Covid crisis will be the top priority for a Liberal Democrat County Council.

We will make better partnerships with District Councils to ensure a joined-up approach from local government to assist our residents.

The Conservatives have wasted tens of thousands of pounds on plans for a new super council which will be too big, too remote and that nobody wants.

Leicestershire Can’t Afford The Conservatives

The Conservatives have failed to deliver fair funding for Leicestershire. Under the Conservatives, Leicestershire consistently comes at the bottom of the pile for Government cash – even leafy Surrey does better than we do.

The Conservatives’ finance chief Byron Rhodes recently made national headlines for falling asleep and missing a key vote in a meeting – it is clear they have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to getting our fair share of funding.

The whole of Leicestershire is beginning to wake up to the fact that Conservatives take Leicestershire for granted.

Support Essential ServicesStop Wasting Money

The Conservative County Council spends huge sums of money on grand ideas like a Strategic Growth Plan and lobbying for a remote super council. Meanwhile every day, residents see bread and butter services suffer. 

Why are there so many examples of poorly maintained roads and pavements across the county? Why does it take so long for drains and gullies to be cleaned? Why is it every year that both the winter gritting and summer grass verge cutting always so poor? Why are there so many roads where speeding is putting lives in danger?

A Liberal Democrat Council will cut back on glossy magazines and grand plans and put more money in every day essential services.

Blocked drains are not being cleared quickly, which can lead to flooding [1]


Leicestershire County Council is responsible for our highways. For the past two decades the Conservatives have controlled the County Council whilst Council Tax bills have soared yet roads maintenance budgets have been slashed. The result is many local roads are congested and our pavements and road surfaces are crumbling.

It’s time for a change. County Council elections take place on May 6th. Use your vote to demand better.

A Liberal Democrat County Council will prioritise making our roads safer. We will invest in public transport to get more cars off our roads and we will reverse the decline of our highways network.

Leicestershire needs better maintenance of roads and paths. [2]

Development that really is sustainable

Under the Conservative government, we have seen 10,000s of houses built across the county while local roads and services are at breaking point.

We all know that we have to build homes for people to live in but proper improvements in infrastructure need to be delivered alongside the housing. Previously developed ‘brownfield’ sites must always be built on before our countryside is lost.

Care Home sell-off

The Liberal Democrats warned there would be consequences for selling off Leicestershire’s Care Homes on the cheap. Inadequate care and poor standards have seen one home – the Limes in Hinckley – close and others are on the brink.

A Liberal Democrat Council will demand that Boris Johnson keeps the promise he made on the steps of Downing Street to come up with a long term solution for social care.

Making Our Streets Safer

Leicestershire Conservatives’ record is criminal. They withdrew funding for Police Community Support Officers, removing a much-needed uniformed presence from our streets.

A Liberal Democrat Council will press for a greater uniformed presence on our streets.

Climate Change

Liberal Democrats were enthusiastic in our support for the cross-party motion declaring a climate emergency.

The council has made progress in making itself carbon neutral but little progress on the wider population. A Liberal Democrat Council will work with all communities to make the county cleaner and greener.

Children and Young Peoples Services

A Liberal Democrat Council would end the dependence on costly private fostering agencies that lead to instability. We will recruit our own foster parents and pay them fairly.

Photo Credits: [1] Blocked Drain Gully Alan Stanton CC BY-SA 2.0 [2] A Badly Potholed Road Matt RF Webb CC BY-SA 4.0