Electric Vehicle Charging Points to be Installed Across Oadby and Wigston

As part of its commitment to cut carbon emissions, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is adding electric vehicle charging points to car parks, including East Street in Oadby.

With the sale of new petrol & diesel cars ending in 9 years time, a network of charging points is needed to support electric cars.

Most of the cost of the project has come from ring-fenced government grants & the private sector.

Liberal Democrats win from both Conservatives and Labour to keep majority on Oadby & Wigston

2017 Parliamentary Candidate Zuffar Haq with newly-elected Liberal Democrat Borough Councillors after the count on Friday
2017 Parliamentary Candidate Zuffar Haq with newly-elected Liberal Democrat Borough Councillors after the count on Friday

The Conservatives suffered the loss of their group leader, as Liberal Democrats gained 4 of their council seats and one from Labour in a successful defence of their majority on Oadby and Wigston Borough Council.

In Wigston, the sole Conservative lost his seat in Meadowcourt as new councillors for that ward David Loydall and Sharon Morris joined Cllr. Robbie Eaton.

In South Wigston, Council Leader John Boyce, Cllr. Richard Morris and new councillor Rosemarie Adams were returned to hold the ward. The other new councillor in Wigston is Clare Kozlowski who was elected in St. Wolstans along with Cllrs. Linda and Frank Broadley.

All the other changes happened in a series of hard fought contests in Oadby. In Woodlands, new councillor Amandeep Kaur defeated Conservative leader Bhupendra Dave. In St. Peter’s, Ian Ridley took another Conservative seat, whilst Lily Kaufman held onto her by-election win in Uplands from Labour.

The final Liberal Democrat gains were completed in Oadby Grange, where Naveed Alam picked up one of the 3 seats the Conservatives were defending.

All the other seats were held by the sitting Liberal Democrat councillors, leaving the final totals Liberal Democrats 24 councillors, Conservatives 2.

Oadby and Wigston is now one of 22 councils across the country where the Liberal Democrats have an outright majority.

Full council results are on the Oadby and Wigston Borough Council web site.

Weekly Rubbish Collections to Stay

..and black wheelie bins to be brought in

Local Liberal Democrats have delivered on their election promise to keep weekly “black bag” rubbish collections.

Liberal Democrat-run Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is now one of the few areas in the country to have weekly collections of “landfill” rubbish for residents.

All the other district councils in Leicestershire (run by the Conservatives) no longer have weekly collections of this type of rubbish. Elsewhere some councils have moved to 3- or even 4-weekly collections.

By listening and asking residents what they wanted and careful budgeting, Liberal Democrat councillors who have been able to keep weekly collections. This is despite large cuts to budgets by the Conservative Government in recent years.

Residents have also asked for black wheelie bins for their general “landfill” rubbish. Your Liberal Democrats councillors have listened and will bring these in May.

About the black wheelie bins

The Borough Council says that all households will be issued with a 140 litre standard black wheeled bin by the end of May 2019. You can start using your black wheeled bin from the beginning of June 2019.

You do not need to do anything to get your standard wheelie bin but if you think that 140 litres will not meet your needs please call the Borough’s Customer Service Team on 0116 288 8961 or call
into the Customer Service Centre on Bell Street, Wigston,

The 140 litre bin is a little bigger than the old 3 black bag allowance of 120 litres.

Assisted collections for residents unable to move their refuse to the edge of their properties are unaffected.