Residents Reject County Take-Over

Nearly nine out of ten Oadby and Wigston residents have rejected Conservative proposals to merge the Borough into a single, huge unitary council across Leicestershire.

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council surveyed local people about the plans put forward by the Conservative leader of the County Council.

424 of the 477 respondents (89 per cent) said no when asked if the plans would benefit our area.

Liberal Democrat Cllr. John Boyce, Leader of Oadby and Wigston has written to the Conservatives to highlight residents’ opposition to the plans. In the letter, Cllr. Boyce writes that the Conservatives’ own minister, “… does not see reorganisation as a means of solving the funding crisis.”

Cllr. Boyce also stated that the changes, “…would inevitably lead to a significant reduction in some services and charging for others,” as residents have less influence over decisions and as a result, weekly rubbish collections and free shoppers’ parking under threat.

Photo © Mat Fascione (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Supporting Oadby pupils who want to go to Beauchamp Sixth Form

Beauchamp College is proposing to change how it allocates places for year 12 the start of “A” levels/ “Sixth Form”) for students who have not taken GCSEs at the college. The change would be effective from admissions in the 2020-21 academic year.

Your Oadby Liberal Democrat Councillors have responded to the consultation. We encourage all residents to have their say and respond to Beauchamp’s consultation by the 18th January 2019 deadline.

All year 11 students at Beauchamp who meet the minimum requirements for the Sixth Form are guaranteed a place. This leaves around 200 places for students who took their GCSEs at other schools.

Beauchamp is a highly successful college and these Sixth Form places for external students are usually heavily over-subscribed. At the moment, external applications are decided by marking how students perform in a meeting (to all intents, an interview). Beauchamp are changing this because it is does not comply with the Department for Education’s School Admission Code.

The new policy would use a lottery to choose most external admissions. Your Oadby Liberal Democrat Councillors are concerned that no account will be taken of whether students live in Oadby. This means that pupils resident anywhere in Leicestershire will have exactly the same chance attending Beauchamp Sixth Form as pupils who have gone to other Oadby schools, such as Manor and Gartree.

As elected representatives of residents, Oadby Liberal Democrats Councillors believe that all students who reside in Oadby should have equal opportunity of attending Beauchamp College Sixth Form on the same terms as those who take their GSCES at Beauchamp in year 11 and are automatically admitted to the sixth form if they qualify.

We agree with Beauchamp that high quality education should improve social mobility and suggest that remaining places should be allocated to children from outside Oadby that qualify for Pupil Premium funding.