Nurses Deserve Real-Terms Pay Rise

The Conservative Government’s proposed 1% pay “rise” for nurses is in fact a real-terms pay cut, quickly swallowed up by rising bills and food prices.

This shows just how out of touch the Conservative Government and their MP are with our NHS workers, who have gone above and beyond during this time of national crisis. Many have experienced trauma and stress after over a year caring for hundreds of thousands of severely ill Covid patients.

On top of this, they have worked tirelessly to get millions of people vaccinated as efficiently and as safely as possible.

The Conservatives can waste billions of pounds on dodgy PPE contracts and a ridiculously inflated £37bn bill for the Test and Trace system, yet the Government believes that it is fair to cut NHS workers’ salaries.

Local Liberal Democrats have launched a petition for a proper and substantial real-terms pay rise now for nurses and all NHS and social care workers to recognise the hard work and sacrifices of so many during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please sign the petition here.