Oadby Brocks Hill Ward Councillors

Cllr Latif Darr and Cllr. Jeffrey Kaufman

Oadby Brocks Hill is represented by 2 Liberal Democrat Borough Councillors. Both councillors are elected by local voters.

If you are not sure which ward you live in, enter your postcode on the MySociety site (not affiliated with the Liberal Democrats) to find your councillors.

Councillor Latif Darr

Contact Latif via this form or using the contact details on the Borough Council web site.

First elected in Oadby Brocks Hill in 2011, I am an experienced local councillor. I was Mayor of Oadby and Wigston in 2015 – a privilege to represent our Borough and raising funds for the Leicester Hospitals’ Children’s Charity, an experience I enjoyed immensely.

I have chaired the popular Oadby Residents Forum, which is a great example of Liberal Democrats transferring decisions to local people. The meetings help me, Jeffrey and other Liberal Democrat councillors to know the concerns and priorities of residents.

Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman

Contact Jeffrey via this form or using the contact details on the Borough Council web site.

First elected as a Borough Councillor in 1973 and as a County Councillor in 1981, I am experienced at representing Brocks Hill and Oadby on both the Borough and County Councils during times of big Conservative spending cuts.

I have been an Oadby resident for over 40 years and recently retired from running a local legal recruitment business.

As a founder member of the Oadby & Wigston Multi Cultural Group, I believe that diversity is a huge strength of our area.

I am committed to continuing to help carefully manage funding to provide a responsive, listening council that delivers the services that residents ask us for, such as free shoppers’ parking, weekly bin collections and black wheelie bins.