Oadby Woodlands Ward Councillors

Amandeep Kaur and Cllr. Dean Gamble

Oadby Woodlands is represented 2 Borough Councillors. The councillors are elected by local voters and both are Liberal Democrats.

If you are not sure which ward you live in, enter your postcode on the MySociety site (not affiliated with the Liberal Democrats) to find your councillors.

Amandeep Kaur

Contact Amandeep via this form or using the contact details on the Borough Council web site.

I have lived in Oadby all my life and am very passionate about our area. Having lived here for so long I feel that we are very lucky to have such a friendly, neighbourly and multi cultural atmosphere and wish for my children and generations to come to have this too.

I am a mother of a young child so I am interested in activities for young children, their health and most importantly their safety. I campaign strongly on anti social behaviour, road safety (such as reducing speeding along Florence Wragg Way) and safe, pleasant parks for our community.

I am also committed to keeping shoppers’ parking in Oadby town centre free and weekly bin collections.

Councillor Dean Gamble

Contact Dean via this form or using the contact details on the Borough Council web site.

I ran a local catering business in Oadby and have lived here for the past 30 years.

I am an experienced councillor at both Borough and County levels. I know that the best way to serve residents is to listen and represent them. As a result, I hope that I have built up a reputation for determinedly following up casework on behalf of local people all year round, not just at elections.

I am a past chair of Oadby’s Town Centre Forum where local residents decide local spending priorities in the Oadby part of the Borough.

I continue to ensure our parks such as Hill Fields are well maintained and campaign to protect weekly bin collections and free shoppers’ town centre parking .